Exotic Granite for Ottawa Homes

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Exotic granite, as well as traditional granite provides an appealing look and strength that can only be found in natural stone. It is one of the most popular stones available commercially. Granite is formed naturally through volcanic magma that has been cooled slowly and it is one of the hardest and most appropriate stone for home accents, especially when it is used in the kitchen and bathroom.
What Makes Exotic Granite Popular?
Three things make exotic granite a popular choice; its strength and durability, its wide range of colours and its affordability.
Both traditional and exotic granite is harvested from the earth in massive chunks that are then cut and refined into sizes specific to the job for which they are required. The granite is then coated with a sealant and cured in ovens to provide added durability and longevity. The blocks are then polished to accent natural patterns and luster which, with regular cleaning and occasional sealing, can maintain its brand new look almost indefinitely.
Because of the abundance of granite from quarries all over the world it is also one of the most affordable options for natural stone home accents.
Choosing exotic granite for your decorating requirements means that you can take advantage of the huge variety of colours and patterns that are available.
What Makes Exotic Granite Exotic?
Due to the fact that granite is comprised of feldspar, quartz, mica and potassium, the colour spectrum and patterns available are virtually infinite in variety. The basic difference between traditional granite and exotic granite is the composition, with exotic granite having more of a complex mixture of these elements. Exotic granite is the perfect choice when looking to complement more modern and lavish spaces.
A top granite importer and distributer should be able to provide their customers with a wonderful selection of exotic granite. Just the names of the following varieties should make these beautiful varieties hard to resist:
  • Arctic Cream
  • Blue Bahia
  • Caju
  • Delicatus
  • Golden Shadow
  • Iron Red
  • Kosmus
  • Lumere
  • Nettuno Bordeaux
  • Oasis
  • Stormy Night
Ottawa's Top Importers and Distributors
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Visit a top granite importer and distributor in Ottawa today to see how exotic granite can complement your home!